StockUp Replenishable Alert for Amazon Sellers Google Chrome Extension - Wave 2

Christopher Grant
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Keepa is Awesome But It Has One Fatal Flaw

It does not offer you a way to keep track of prices when they go UP!

Let's say you have a replenishable item that has had the price beaten to smithereens. It sucks, I've been there.

Now you are tasked with checking that item once a week or once a month to see if the price ever levels out to a place where you can make a profit again. This usually involves keeping the item in a spreadsheet, copying and pasting that ASIN in Amazon to see if the price has recovered, then going out and finally getting your hands on some of that product.


Now, with StockUp, all you have to do is go to the Amazon product page for the item you want to track, click on the StockUp extension, put in your name and email address (don't worry, we aren't keeping these for later), then choose a price, any price.

We will check Keepa for you once an hour and if the price gets to a level that you want StockUp will send you an email with a clickable photo to take you right to the product page so you can double check and make sure you should go and buy.

What Can't It Do

Well, StockUp can't go and buy your replens for you, unfortunately. We will let you know when we finally get the artificial intelligence to the point that our robots can ransack stores for you.

Until then, we can take a little something off your plate and track price increases for you.

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Check out my youtube video on "How StockUp Works"

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StockUp Replenishable Alert for Amazon Sellers Google Chrome Extension - Wave 2

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