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revROI Online Arbitrage Chrome Extension to Increase your Return on Investment

50 ratings

revROI Online Arbitrage Chrome Extension to Increase your Return on Investment

Christopher Grant
50 ratings

revROI is the best tool to help you increase your productivity, speed, and ROI while practicing online arbitrage. This light, powerful tool will save you money on the front end as well as make sure you get paid for money you spend on the backend.

The idea is not new, it is utilizing discount gift cards and cash back portals to increase your return on investment. In the past this has been slow, opening multiple tabs, apps on your phone, or having several chrome extensions to do one job.

Check out the explainer and demo video HERE.

No longer! You now have access to one single point of contact to find you both the best discount gift card as well as the highest cash back website, even if that means it is through a credit card shopping portal.

You will get the chrome extension, every upgrade, bug fix, and whatever else we do to make this better absolutely gratis, forever.

Check out some reviews:


Chris, I like it. I spend $1000's every month with OA. Save a lot of time, not having to switch between tabs.


I've been trying to get myself to do discounted cards and cash back sites for probably the last year, but it's just a huge hassle to go from site to site to figure out the best deal and to source products too. This handy extension takes the guess work out of it. One click tells you the best cash back site and another tells you the best discount cards. Easy to install, easy to use. Really a no-brainer. Thanks for pushing up my margins right before Q4 :-)


I've now been working with revROI for a few days and I wanted to report back that it is truly awesome! It saves me so much time to be able to review Cash Back and Gift Card Discounts without having to search out the information! Plus is has introduced me to some sources that I was not aware of. Love it as it is now yet Chris has promised that it is just going to get better...can't wait! Thanks Chris!

Contact me at chris@cleartheshelf.com



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